About The Pink Ribbon Foundation

The Pink Ribbon Foundation does amazing work in the battle against breast cancer – they raise money to support charities both big and small, and give life-saving grants to support organisation and the people fighting breast cancer. Their goal is to support as many individuals as possible, funding projects and providing financial support to UK charities to relieve the needs of people who are suffering from or have been affected by breast cancer.

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Q&A with Lisa Allen - Head of Corporate Partnerships, PR & Events

What does the Pink Ribbon Foundation do?

The Pink Ribbon Foundation was established around 20 years ago with the aim of giving monetary grants to any charity/organisation concerned with breast cancer within the UK.

We at the Pink Ribbon Foundation use the majority of the money raised to support charities all over the country who are helping at a grass roots level and who care for women going through treatment and living with the effects of breast cancer.

How do you raise money?

We work with many generous companies who market and sell a product or service using the Foundation’s Name and Logos and then make a donation to fund our vital work, these include the likes of current corporate partners, SEBO, Valspar UK, Flamingo Candles, Rapesco Office Products, Moda in Pelle, Champneys, Merlyn Showering and Galaxy Optical Services.

What makes Pink Ribbon different to other breast cancer charities?

The Pink Ribbon Foundation is very different to many charities, regardless of sector. We have very little infrastructure and operate with three Trustees (all volunteers) and me. That’s it! We have no rented offices and I literally work from a corner in my bedroom. People are always amazed when they discover that we are not this massive corporate charity – they see our website, the companies who work with us to raise awareness and funds, the celebrities that align themselves to our cause and they can’t believe how much we achieve with so little. We definitely punch well above our weight!

What kind of people do you get to work with or have worked with?

One of the things that I love about my job is the interaction with so many different people from all walks of life. I can spend one day talking to women who have recovered from or who are going through breast cancer, another day discussing ideas with PR and marketing people and another with our celebrities working on campaigns or photoshoots. Everyone I meet is special and the relationship between them and the Foundation is always important, no matter the size of the company or the profile of the person.