Galentine’s Gift Guide

Gone are the days when Valentine’s was just about couples, Galentine’s is now bigger and better than ever, and we are here for it! It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate your amazing friends. Why not go the extra mile and treat your bestie to a gorgeous gift. We have pulled together a stunning selection to give you some inspiration. Plus we are also doing a Galentine’s competition – head over to our social media to find out more!

Briton White Leather was £99.95 now £49.95

Briton White Leather

Baileyscarf Beige Fabric was £39.95 now £19.95

Baileyscarf Beige Fabric

Cosie White-Metallic Sheepskin £59.95

Cosie White-Metallic Sheepskin

Leopardbelt Black Patent Mocc Croc £29.95

Leopardbelt Black Patent Mocc Croc

Arennaglove Navy Fabric was £19.95 now £9.95

Arennaglove Navy Fabric

Rixybag Brown Snake Print was £69.95 now £39.95

Rixybag Brown Snake Print

Emrellahat Taupe Textile £29.95

Emrellahat Taupe Textile

Chainybracelet Gold Metal £19.95

Chainybracelet Gold Metal

Zelinapurse Black Patent £39.95

Zelinapurse Black Patent

Arennahat Black Fabric was £25.95 now £12.95

Arennahat Black Fabric

Take a look at our accessories for more inspo.

Team Moda x

Valentine’s Self-Love

Whether you’re spending it alone or living with your love, Valentine’s is all about love and where better to start than with yourself! Now more than ever, we are aware of the importance of looking after ourselves, and putting ourselves first – it all starts from within. We have come up with six ways to show yourself a little love and, you can also give a little love – by sharing this post with someone, who you feel needs to see it.  


Get the candles out, run a bubble bath and pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink. A bath can help relax not just your muscles but also your mind. Leave your phone in another room, and allow yourself to switch off – you deserve it! Plus it’s also the perfect excuse to buy yourself that luxurious lotion you’ve had your eye on to use after. Why not even enjoy a few chocolates in there too!


Indulge in some delicious homemade treats, cooking in itself is a perfect mindful activity – you’re focused on the task in hand and also looking forward to the reward – a perfect distraction! Get your favourite feel-good playlist on whilst you do it or enjoy the quiet. If you think you can’t get through all the treats in time, why not half the recipe, or freeze some to enjoy at a later date. Set a New Year goal to be healthier? You can find plenty of low-calorie recipes online.


Take some time to reflect. At the moment, there’s a lot of negativity and sadness in the news, and on social media, it can’t be hard to escape. Positivity is so much more important than ever, and a great way to become more positive is to recognise and reflect on the things that you are grateful for – they don’t have to be big – sometimes the smallest things can mean the most. For example, the birds singing in the morning. Or your kind neighbour who has been doing you’re shopping for you. Your outlook affects how you see things, and being grateful will help you see more of the good.

Dress up 

Getting glammed up can feel so good, and at Moda, that’s one thing we miss for sure! But why not do it at home, whether you’re planning to enjoy a romantic meal for two, or preparing for a zoom party with the girls. Wearing a gorgeous outfit, some stunning shoes and putting some makeup on, can often make a world of difference, to how we are feeling inside – especially when we don’t feel like doing it! Selfies at the ready!


Think about how you look after yourself and treat yourself. Do you end up binging Netflix until the early hours unable to function the next day, or do you skip your five a day five days a week! The way we look after ourselves, has a massive effect on how we feel. Never underestimate the power of a good 8 hours or the benefits of a range of greenery on your plate. We often forget that this starts from within and how we take care of ourselves – inside and out. Be your own best friend, and remember – talk to and treat yourself like you would your best friend.  

Treat yourself

Why not treat yourself to that purchase you’ve had your eye on for a while, whilst we are all about inner work, we all know the excitement of ordering and receiving something you’ve had in your saved basket for too long. Plus we currently have a sale on, for if you need some inspiration! Whether you’re looking for a comfy pair of trainers to wear around the house or some beautiful boots to enjoy on your daily walk, we have something to suit every style.

Team Moda x