The Boot Event: High Leg Edition

A long boot is essential for the colder months, perfect to wear with an oversized coat for an effortlessly glam look. We have pulled together ten stunning pairs to give you some inspiration. Whether you prefer a block heel or like to keep it fairly flat, we have something for everyone. Plus we are currently in the Boot Event, making it the perfect time to purchase!

Lamello Black Leather was £149.95 now £129.95

Lamello Black Leather

Lilicia Black Leather was £139.95 now £59.95

Lilicia Black Leather

Lizereti Black Suede was £169.95 now £149.95

Lizereti Black Suede

Lucura Burgundy Leather was £149.95 now £59.95

Lucura Burgundy Leather

Sanoma Black Leather £249.95

Sanoma Black Leather

Sariah Black Suede £269.95

Sariah Black Suede

Suri Green Suede was £179.95 now £149.95

Suri Green Suede

Vada Black Alcantara was £139.95 now £39.95

Vada Black Alcantara

Zerina Black Alcantara was £89.95 now £35.95

Zerina Black Alcantara

Kirreo Grey Protauras was £149.95 now £49.95

Kirreo Grey Protauras

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Team Moda x

The Boot Event is Back

Our boot event has officially arrived, and we are super excited. We have pulled together ten stunning styles with some serious savings. Whether you’re looking for a block heel ankle boot or a knee-high flat, we have something to suit every style. You can find product care information on each pair, so you can discover how best to look after your footwear.

Alyss Black Leather was £119.95 now £39.95

Alyss Black Leather

Beverle Tan Leather was £129.95 now £49.95

Beverle Tan Leather

Brixie Black Alcantara was £119.95 now £49.95

Brixie Black Alcantara

Carisina Black Suede was £129.95 now £55.95

Carisina Black Suede

Kinala Black Protauras was £129.95 now £49.95

Kinala Black Protauras

Kirreo Navy Protauras was £149.95 now £59.95

Kirreo Navy Protauras

Leilana Tan Leather was £99.95 now £39.95

Leilana Tan Leather

Lizbethy Navy Leather was £139.95 now £59.95

Lizbethy Navy Leather

Lucura Burgundy Leather was £149.95 now £59.95

Lucura Burgundy Leather

Zipstie Tan Nubuck was £129.95 now £49.95

Zipstie Tan Nubuck

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Winter Sale

Update your winter wardrobe with a pair of stunning shoes from our sensational sale. Whether you’re looking for a block heel or a glitzy trainer, we have something to suit every style. Or if you’re on the hunt for that perfect Christmas gift for a special someone, we’ve got you covered.

Aliamoda Tan Leather was £89.95 now £44.95

Aliamoda Tan Leather Trainers

Loula Black Leather was £119.95 now £59.95

Loula Black Leather Boots

Evangeline Tiger Calf Hair was £99.95 now £49.95

Evangeline Tiger Calf Hair Shoes

Alyss Black Leather was £119.95 now £59.95

Alyss Black Leather

Ettie Navy Lizard was £85.95 now £39.95

Ettie Navy Lizard

Loinda Black Patent was £79.95 now £39.95

Loula Black Leather

Cronli Navy Patent Mocc Croc was £89.95 now £44.95

Cronli Navy Patent Mocc Croc

Lucura Black Leather was £149.95 now £74.95

Lucura Black Leather

Britzia Grey Textile was £69.95 now £29.95

Britzia Grey Textile

Calita Purple Suede was £119.95 now £79.95

Calita Purple Suede Boots

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Beautiful Black Leather Ankle Boots

Black leather boots are an essential – they are perfect for dressing up or down. If looked after they can be a worthwhile investment and will see you through the colder months year after year. Whether you’re looking for a short biker style, a flash of print, or prefer a subtle Cuban heel, we have the perfect pair for you.

Marlee Black Leather £119.95

Marlee Black Leather Boots

Leilana Black Leather £99.95

Leilana Black Leather

Lettia Black Leather £99.95

Lettia Black Leather

Bilanno Black Leather £169.95

Bilanno Black Leather

Melinda Black – Mini Leopard Leather £109.95

Melinda Black - Mini Leopard Leather boots

Allisa Black Patent Leather £119.95

Allisa Black Patent Leather

Beula Black Leather £119.95

Beula Black Leather

Lizbethy Black Leather £139.95

Lizbethy Black Leather

Bliss Black Leather was £149.95 now £119.96

Bliss Black Leather Boots

Kimber Black Leather £119.95

Kimber Black Leather

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Team Moda x

The Edit: Beautiful Burgundy

Step into the new season with a pair of our beautiful burgundy shoes – this colour is perfect for autumn, a gorgeous alternative to black. It looks super stunning on our new boots and fabulous flats. Pair with a dress and tights or a cosy knit and prepare for some serious compliments.

Tyanna Burgundy Leather £109.95

Tyanna Burgundy Leather

Beena Burgundy – Leopard Leather £89.95

Beena Burgundy - Leopard Leather

Beretia Burgundy Leather £109.95

Beretia Burgundy Leather

Brynna Navy Burgundy Suede £99.95

Brynna Navy Burgundy Suede

Ferelia Burgundy Patent Leather £89.95

Ferelia Burgundy Patent Leather

Lorile Burgundy Suede £119.95

Lorile Burgundy Suede

Fioni Burgundy Leather was £99.95 now £54.95

Fioni Burgundy Leather

Key Burgundy Leather £89.95

Key Burgundy Leather

Kaia Burgundy Protauras £99.95

Kaia Burgundy Protauras

Kellisha Burgundy Suede £169.95

Kellisha Burgundy Suede

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Top Ten Sale Picks: Boots Edit

Our mid-season sale is seriously something to shout about, so we’ve pulled together ten of our favourite pairs of boots to give you some inspiration – whether you’re never without a pair of knee highs or like to keep it short and sweet with an ankle boot – we’ve got the perfect pair for you.

Knee High Boots

Vizzet Tan Leather was £199.95 now £49.95

Tilli Black Leather was £179.95 now £44.95

Weera Navy Leather was £179.95 now £49.95

High Heeled Ankle Boots

Colleen Tan – Leopard Alcantara was £119.95 now £19.95

Latassi Black Alcantara was £99.95 now £39.95

Martine Black Leather was £165.95 now £34.95

Low Heeled Ankle Boots

Milli Tan Leather was £109.95 now £29.95

Key Black – Multi Animal Leather was £99.95 now £39.95

Wilimena Black – Mini Leopard Leather was £109.95 now £29.95

Better Tan Leather was £119.95 now £39.95

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How to polish your shoes the right way

No matter how stylish your leather shoes are, without a great shine, you’re not showing them off to their full potential. Whether you’re refreshing those leather boots you’ve had stored away in the back of your wardrobe since last spring,  or you simply want to improve the look of your everyday shoes, a buff, shine and polish can give the illusion of a brand new shoe.

When dressing for any occasion, particularly a formal one, a shiny shoe is a must.  Not only does a shiny shoe gives you a more polished, sophisticated look, but polishing your shoes also expands their lifespan.

Just like anything, a little care goes a long way. Whether you’re a fan of oxfords or brogue shoes, we’re on hand with a step-by-step guide on how to polish your shoes the right way, making sure your formal shoes are on point with a classic shine. 

How To Clean Suede Shoes And Boots

Suede shoes or boots are an absolute staple for the fashion-forward lady. Classic, versatile and ever-stylish, a pair of suede boots or shoes will instantly take any look to the next level.

However, suede can be notoriously tricky to clean; if done incorrectly, you could even end up damaging your beloved shoes. So, what to do if you find yourself with marks or dirt on your favourite suede beauties?

From how to clean your suede shoes to how to remove those pesky stubborn stains, here at Moda we’ve got you covered. Follow the simple steps below to keep your suede shoes and boots looking their absolute best for years to come.

How To Repair Scuffed Leather Shoes and Boots

A pair of really great leather shoes truly are an investment piece. They look stunning and, with the right care, will absolutely stand the test of time in terms of both quality and style. However, even with all precautions taken, accidents do happen, and sometimes your precious leather shoes or boots can be left with unsightly scruffs or scratches on the surface.

If this has happened to you – do not fear! There are actually a whole range of methods you can try yourself at home to help clean and repair marks from your leather shoes.