Stunning Sandals

Step into summer in a brand new pair of stunning sandals. Think gorgeous soft leathers, rich tan colours and a range of wearable styles. Featuring our favourite perforated texture which is perfect for the warmer seasons. We know you will love this collection of sandals as much as we do.

Lovelle Metallic Snake Print £85.95

Lovelle Metallic Snake Print

Mirello Taupe Metallic Leather £79.95

Mirello Taupe Metallic Leather

Painting Navy Leather £85.95

Painting Navy Leather

Pammila Tan Leather £79.95

Pammila Tan Leather

Organzana Nude Leather £69.95

Organzana Nude Leather

Morella Pewter Metallic Leather £69.95

Morella Pewter Metallic Leather

Orailiya White Leather £69.95

Orailiya White Leather

Norah Tan Leather £69.95

Norah Tan Leather

Monica Gold Leather £89.95

Monica Gold Leather

Lilaine Tan Leather £79.95

Lilaine Tan Leather

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The Trainer Edit: Wedges

Want to add height in a practical way to your day to day looks? Wedge trainers are the perfect solution. With all the comfort benefits of a trainer but with a wearable heel. At Moda, we love wedge trainers. No matter if you’re looking to start low or always like to keep it high, we have the pair for you. Plus, some of these stunning styles are in our amazing mid-season sale.

Arolia Navy Textile was £69.95 now £49.95

Arolia Navy Textile

Brayden Khaki Leather was £89.95 now £69.95

Brayden Khaki Leather

Bistenno Nude Leather £89.95

Bistenno Nude Leather

Blossome Beige Leather £89.95

Blossome Beige Leather

Avah Navy Suede £99.95

Avah Navy Suede

Birrin White – Pewter Leather £89.95

Birrin White - Pewter Leather

Bereti Rose Gold Leather £89.95

Bereti Rose Gold Leather

Beena Khaki – Leopard Leather was £89.95 now £69.95

Beena Khaki - Leopard Leather

Bellar Silver Textile was £69.95 now £59.95

Bellar Silver Textile

Benara Nude Metallic Leather £89.95

Benara Nude Metallic Leather

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Pretty Pastels

Gone are the days when Easter was only about chocolate. Think pretty pastels – gorgeous greens and baby blues – the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a pair of gorgeous new shoes! We have some stunning new styles, perfect for spring – this is our kind of Easter bunny.

Forilia Lemon Leather £99.95

Forilia Lemon Leather

Ennie Nude Leather £89.95

Ennie Nude Leather

Etissina Green Suede £79.95

Etissina Green Suede

Aretina Nude Leather £79.95

Aretina Nude Leather

Etissina Light Blue Suede £79.95

Etissina Light Blue Suede

Fellis Nude Suede £89.95

Fellis Nude Suede

Exie Light Blue Leather £79.95

Exie Light Blue Leather

Foristella Light Pink Leather £109.95

Foristella Light Pink Leather

Lovelle Light Blue Suede £79.95

Lovelle Light Blue Suede

Welony Nude Leather £89.95

Welony Nude Leather

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we have pulled together a gorgeous gift guide to help you find something special. Whether she loves an ankle boot or keeps it casual day to day in trainers – we’ve got you covered. It’s the perfect opportunity to say thanks let her know how much you care and shoes always go down well.

Our stunning boot collection features colours to suit every wardrobe. This style of shoe will always be an autumn-winter essential and a quality pair will last for a long time. Perfect for a style-savvy mum.

Lucura, Lizereti and Kirreo

Products from left to right Lucura, Lizereti and Kirreo. Take a look at the rest of our boot collection.

Our beautiful ankle boot collection will give you some serious inspiration. Featuring buttery leathers, delicate studs and burnished toes – these stunning styles are fashion-focused without compromising on practicality. Perfect for a mum who values styles as much as she does comfort.

Zipstie, Lizbethy and Leilana

Products from left to right Zipstie, Lizbethy and Leilana.

A gorgeous pair from our trainer collection is sure to go down well, this easy to wear style of shoe is an essential for everyone. Whether she prefers a bold print or a classic white – we have a range of stunning styles available in our Trainer Event with up to 50% off.

Alejandra, Arnello and Astina

Products included from left to right Alejandra, Arnello and Astina.

Not quite sure? Let her decide with an e-Gift Voucher and add a personal message.

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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day started in 1975 and each year support and celebrations continue to grow in honouring the economic, social, political and cultural achievements of women.

We’re so proud to work with some of the most amazing and talented women in the industry. We are so proud of our head office and retail team.

Stephen Buck, Owner and Founder

We love that this day celebrates everything female. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the changes that have been made for equality, whilst highlighting that there is still more to be done.

At Moda, we are all for female empowerment and we know how good the right pair of shoes can make you feel, they can transform an outfit, update your wardrobe and most importantly make you feel beautiful. Whether you’re looking for a trainer, boot or stiletto, we have the perfect pair to help you celebrate in style.

New In Styles

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The Boot Event: Ankle Edition

Ankle boots are a wardrobe essential, perfect to pair with tights and a dress, your favourite jeans or even some tailored trousers. We have pulled together ten fabulous styles, whether you can’t be without a block heel or prefer pretty animal print, we have the ultimate pair for you, plus we are currently in the Boot Event, meaning you can get a stunning style for less.

Prue Tan Leather was £119.95 now £89.95

Prue Tan Leather

Marlee Black Suede was £119.95 now £79.95

Marlee Black Suede

Lorile Navy Suede was £119.95 now £89.95

Lorile Navy Suede

Lizbethy Tan Leather was £139.95 now £79.95

Lizbethy Tan Leather

Beula Tan Leather was £119.95 now £59.95

Beula Tan Leather

Zipstie Green Nubuck was £129.95 now £49.95

Zipstie Green Nubuck

Littala Black Patent was £119.95 now £59.95

Littala Black Patent

Lettia Burgundy Leather was £99.95 now £69.95

Lettia Burgundy Leather

Kinala Black Protauras was £129.95 now £49.95

Bellon Black Patent Leather was £149.95 now £49.95

Bellon Black Patent Leather

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Last Minute Valentine’s Edit

Valentine’s is a little different this year, and whilst you may not be able to head out for dinner – you can still get dressed up for a fabulous evening from home. Or, you might be celebrating with a romantic local walk. We have pulled together a selection of shoes so you can find the perfect pair, whatever your plans. With next day delivery available up until 8pm on Friday, last-minute never looked so good.

Alarisia Nude Nubuck £89.95

Alarisia Nude Nubuck

Loula Tan Leather was £119.95 now £59.95

Loula Tan Leather

Corella Rose Gold Alcantara £85.95

Corella Rose Gold Alcantara

Alejandra Black Patent Leather £109.95

Alejandra Black Patent Leather

Cosie White-Metallic Sheepskin £59.95

Cosie White-Metallic Sheepskin

Ennie Black Patent Leather £89.95

Ennie Black Patent Leather

Sabella Black Alcantara was £99.95 now £39.95

Sabella Black Alcantara

Bliss Black Leather was £149.95 now £99.95

Bliss Black Leather

Kirreo Black Protauras was £149.95 now £59.95

Kirreo Black Protauras

Leilana Tan Leather was £99.95 now £49.95

Leilana Tan Leather

Take a look at our Valentines self-love post.

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Valentine’s Self-Love

Whether you’re spending it alone or living with your love, Valentine’s is all about love and where better to start than with yourself! Now more than ever, we are aware of the importance of looking after ourselves, and putting ourselves first – it all starts from within. We have come up with six ways to show yourself a little love and, you can also give a little love – by sharing this post with someone, who you feel needs to see it.  


Get the candles out, run a bubble bath and pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink. A bath can help relax not just your muscles but also your mind. Leave your phone in another room, and allow yourself to switch off – you deserve it! Plus it’s also the perfect excuse to buy yourself that luxurious lotion you’ve had your eye on to use after. Why not even enjoy a few chocolates in there too!


Indulge in some delicious homemade treats, cooking in itself is a perfect mindful activity – you’re focused on the task in hand and also looking forward to the reward – a perfect distraction! Get your favourite feel-good playlist on whilst you do it or enjoy the quiet. If you think you can’t get through all the treats in time, why not half the recipe, or freeze some to enjoy at a later date. Set a New Year goal to be healthier? You can find plenty of low-calorie recipes online.


Take some time to reflect. At the moment, there’s a lot of negativity and sadness in the news, and on social media, it can’t be hard to escape. Positivity is so much more important than ever, and a great way to become more positive is to recognise and reflect on the things that you are grateful for – they don’t have to be big – sometimes the smallest things can mean the most. For example, the birds singing in the morning. Or your kind neighbour who has been doing you’re shopping for you. Your outlook affects how you see things, and being grateful will help you see more of the good.

Dress up 

Getting glammed up can feel so good, and at Moda, that’s one thing we miss for sure! But why not do it at home, whether you’re planning to enjoy a romantic meal for two, or preparing for a zoom party with the girls. Wearing a gorgeous outfit, some stunning shoes and putting some makeup on, can often make a world of difference, to how we are feeling inside – especially when we don’t feel like doing it! Selfies at the ready!


Think about how you look after yourself and treat yourself. Do you end up binging Netflix until the early hours unable to function the next day, or do you skip your five a day five days a week! The way we look after ourselves, has a massive effect on how we feel. Never underestimate the power of a good 8 hours or the benefits of a range of greenery on your plate. We often forget that this starts from within and how we take care of ourselves – inside and out. Be your own best friend, and remember – talk to and treat yourself like you would your best friend.  

Treat yourself

Why not treat yourself to that purchase you’ve had your eye on for a while, whilst we are all about inner work, we all know the excitement of ordering and receiving something you’ve had in your saved basket for too long. Plus we currently have a sale on, for if you need some inspiration! Whether you’re looking for a comfy pair of trainers to wear around the house or some beautiful boots to enjoy on your daily walk, we have something to suit every style.

Team Moda x

Our Moda Family

Whilst we continue to donate to the incredible Leeds Hospitals Charity – who support the amazing NHS staff, patients, and their families. We also want to be here for you, our wonderful customers, old and new who make up the Moda family. We have pulled together six self-care ideas and ways to help you work through this lockdown.

Embrace your Inner Child

As we grow up, we often stop what we once loved and spent hours doing – drawing, colouring and painting. Why not spend some time getting creative, whether its crafts, board games or even movie marathons. We tend to forget what we once enjoyed so much. No matter if you have children or not – embrace your inner child! You never know, you might bring an old hobby back to life, and fall in love with it even more.

Stay Connected

Remember to stay in touch with your loved ones, through FaceTime or a phone call – if you fancy going old school, why not write a letter or send a postcard. We get that conversation can become repetitive now our lives have slowed down, but why not reminisce, or discuss plans and ideas for the future. We are social creatures who thrive on interaction. Set yourself a goal of reaching out to one person every day, even if it’s a simple text – your future self will thank you.

Support Local

We are all aware of how local businesses have been affected, and now more than ever, they need our support. If you feel comfortable, why not get a takeout coffee from a local café on your daily walk, or buy a voucher from your beauticians. Helping others helps us feel good, and giving back to our community is more important than ever.

Get Outside

Nature is right on our doorstep, and for so long so many of us have gone about our busy lives with little time to spare, looking straight past our beautiful surroundings, to the next task on our to-do list. Why not spend some time exploring your local area, you are bound to discover some beauty a lot closer to home than you would have believed. Cabin fever is so common at the moment, and fresh air is the ultimate way to clear your mind, whilst also releasing endorphins! Set yourself a steps challenge and see what wildlife you spot on the way.

Keep Learning

Gone are the days when learning was just for in the classroom, now more than ever we have so much information at our fingertips – we can learn at our own pace and about whatever we choose! Why not discover more about that island you’ve always wanted to visit, download a podcast on how to feel more positive, or read a crime thriller and dive into a gripping story. Books and audiobooks are a great way to learn something new, or you can lose yourself in the magic of a fairy-tale. Perfect for if you want to escape reality for a bit!

Cleanse Your Space

A clean and tidy area can do wonders for your motivation and state of mind. Whether your desk has become a bit cluttered, or your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, why not take some time to assess what you need, and reap the benefits of an uncluttered space. Find it hard to throw away? Move things into an attic or storage space and see if you miss them! Plus you might find that gorgeous dress you forgot you had, or that brand new notebook which is perfect for all of your ideas.

Team Moda x

Fabulous Flats

Gone are the days when you had to wear a heel to look glamorous – flats can be nothing short of fabulous thanks to delicate details and pretty prints. We have pulled together a stunning selection to give you some inspiration, our new collection takes flats to a new level of glam – plus we have some gorgeous sale options, but be quick they won’t be around for long!

Francois Gold Croc was £89.95 now £44.95

Francois Gold Croc Shoes

Fliss Berry Snake Print £89.95 now £44.95

Fliss Berry Snake Print Shoes

Eleni Black Croc £89.95

Eleni Black Croc Shoes

Estabenna Black Patent Leather £89.95

Estabenna Black Patent Leather Shoes

Evangeline Tiger Calf Hair was £99.95 now £49.95

Evangeline Tiger Calf Hair Shoes

Elissy Nude Silver Metallic Snake Print was £79.95 now £29.95

Elissy Nude Silver Metallic Snake Print Shoes

Edeena Pewter Porvair was £79.95 now £24.95

Edeena Pewter Porvair Shoes

Elrisa Fuschia Metallic Leather was £69.95 now £39.95

Elrisa Fuschia Metallic Leather Shoes

Ferna Rose Gold Leather was £69.95 now £29.95

Ferna Rose Gold Leather Shoes

Elzora Mono Snake Snake Print was £79.95 now £39.95

Elzora Mono Snake Snake Print Shoes

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