Our Moda Family

Whilst we continue to donate to the incredible Leeds Hospitals Charity – who support the amazing NHS staff, patients, and their families. We also want to be here for you, our wonderful customers, old and new who make up the Moda family. We have pulled together six self-care ideas and ways to help you work through this lockdown.

Embrace your Inner Child

As we grow up, we often stop what we once loved and spent hours doing – drawing, colouring and painting. Why not spend some time getting creative, whether its crafts, board games or even movie marathons. We tend to forget what we once enjoyed so much. No matter if you have children or not – embrace your inner child! You never know, you might bring an old hobby back to life, and fall in love with it even more.

Stay Connected

Remember to stay in touch with your loved ones, through FaceTime or a phone call – if you fancy going old school, why not write a letter or send a postcard. We get that conversation can become repetitive now our lives have slowed down, but why not reminisce, or discuss plans and ideas for the future. We are social creatures who thrive on interaction. Set yourself a goal of reaching out to one person every day, even if it’s a simple text – your future self will thank you.

Support Local

We are all aware of how local businesses have been affected, and now more than ever, they need our support. If you feel comfortable, why not get a takeout coffee from a local café on your daily walk, or buy a voucher from your beauticians. Helping others helps us feel good, and giving back to our community is more important than ever.

Get Outside

Nature is right on our doorstep, and for so long so many of us have gone about our busy lives with little time to spare, looking straight past our beautiful surroundings, to the next task on our to-do list. Why not spend some time exploring your local area, you are bound to discover some beauty a lot closer to home than you would have believed. Cabin fever is so common at the moment, and fresh air is the ultimate way to clear your mind, whilst also releasing endorphins! Set yourself a steps challenge and see what wildlife you spot on the way.

Keep Learning

Gone are the days when learning was just for in the classroom, now more than ever we have so much information at our fingertips – we can learn at our own pace and about whatever we choose! Why not discover more about that island you’ve always wanted to visit, download a podcast on how to feel more positive, or read a crime thriller and dive into a gripping story. Books and audiobooks are a great way to learn something new, or you can lose yourself in the magic of a fairy-tale. Perfect for if you want to escape reality for a bit!

Cleanse Your Space

A clean and tidy area can do wonders for your motivation and state of mind. Whether your desk has become a bit cluttered, or your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, why not take some time to assess what you need, and reap the benefits of an uncluttered space. Find it hard to throw away? Move things into an attic or storage space and see if you miss them! Plus you might find that gorgeous dress you forgot you had, or that brand new notebook which is perfect for all of your ideas.

Team Moda x

Boots: Ankle Edition

Ankle boots are a wardrobe essential, perfect to pair with tights and a dress, your favourite jeans or even some tailored trousers. We have pulled together ten fabulous styles, whether you can’t be without a block heel or prefer pretty animal print, we have the ultimate pair for you.

Annika Green Leather was £109.95 now £54.95

Annika Green Leather Boots

Beretia Tan Leather was £109.95

Lettia Black Leather was £99.95 now £79.95

Lettia Black Leather Boots

Prue Tan Leather £119.95

Prue Tan Leather Boots

Kaia Burgundy Protauras was £99.95 now £49.95

Kaia Burgundy Protauras Boots

Kailey Black Patent Pu was £89.95 now £44.95

Kailey Black Patent Pu Boots

Leelo Navy Leather was £139.95 now £59.95

Leelo Navy Leather Boots

Kinala Black Protauras was £129.95 now £64.95

Kinala Black Protauras Boots

Linirre Grey Suede was £119.95 now £59.95

Marlee Black Suede £119.95

Marlee Black Suede

Take a look at the rest of our ankle boot range.

Team Moda x

Fabulous Flats

Gone are the days when you had to wear a heel to look glamorous – flats can be nothing short of fabulous thanks to delicate details and pretty prints. We have pulled together a stunning selection to give you some inspiration, our new collection takes flats to a new level of glam – plus we have some gorgeous sale options, but be quick they won’t be around for long!

Francois Gold Croc was £89.95 now £44.95

Francois Gold Croc Shoes

Fliss Berry Snake Print £89.95 now £44.95

Fliss Berry Snake Print Shoes

Eleni Black Croc £89.95

Eleni Black Croc Shoes

Estabenna Black Patent Leather £89.95

Estabenna Black Patent Leather Shoes

Evangeline Tiger Calf Hair was £99.95 now £49.95

Evangeline Tiger Calf Hair Shoes

Elissy Nude Silver Metallic Snake Print was £79.95 now £29.95

Elissy Nude Silver Metallic Snake Print Shoes

Edeena Pewter Porvair was £79.95 now £24.95

Edeena Pewter Porvair Shoes

Elrisa Fuschia Metallic Leather was £69.95 now £39.95

Elrisa Fuschia Metallic Leather Shoes

Ferna Rose Gold Leather was £69.95 now £29.95

Ferna Rose Gold Leather Shoes

Elzora Mono Snake Snake Print was £79.95 now £39.95

Elzora Mono Snake Snake Print Shoes

Take a look at the rest of our flats.

Team Moda x

Perfect Pairs

What better way to complete an outfit than with a pair of shoes and a bag that work together perfectly – the ultimate way to upgrade your look, we love helping you add a touch of luxury to any outfit. Whether you’re looking to invest in your day to day wardrobe or a create a stunning evening look, we have the perfect pair for you.

Aliamoda Pewter Leather Trainers

Aliamoda Pewter Leather
was £89.95 now £44.95

Classoclutch Silver Fabric

Classoclutch Silver Fabric
was £69.95 now £39.95

Classo Silver Fabric
was £79.95 now £39.95

Baratsia Black Alcantara

Baratsia Black Alcantara
was £119.95 now £59.95

Cillaniaclutch Black Patent

Cillaniaclutch Black Patent
was £69.95 now £34.95

Cillania Black Leather

Cillania Black Leather
was £89.95 now £44.95

Francois Gold Croc

Francois Gold Croc
was £89.95 now £44.95

Rixybag Black Alcantara

Rixybag Black Alcantara
was £69.95 now £49.95

Glamourclutch Silver Metallic Leather

Glamourclutch Silver Metallic Leather
was £59.95 now £29.95

Jinnie Silver Fabric
was £79.95 now £39.95

Nyah Green Suede

Nyah Green Suede
was £129.95 now £64.95

Loreleiclutch Jet Black Patent

Loreleiclutch Jet Black Patent
was £59.95 now £29.95

Lorelei Black Suede

Lorelei Black Suede
was £99.95 now £49.95

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Team Moda x

Love to Layer

Layering season is officially here – perfect for keeping cosy and warm whilst also adding a touch of print or texture to your outfits, the ultimate way to create a new look and update your wardrobe. From faux fur to snakeskin, we have something to suit every style, pair with some of our stunning boots to complete the look.

Florrascarf Stone Faux Fur was £39.95 now £19.95

Florrascarf Stone Faux Fur

Zebrellascarf Natural Fabric was £39.95 now £19.95

Zebrellascarf Natural Fabric

Arennascarf Green Fabric was £39.95 now £19.95

Arennascarf Green Fabric

Cecily Scarf Stone Polyester £39.95

Cecily Scarf Stone Polyester

Helenaponcho Grey Fabric £79.95

Helenaponcho Grey Fabric

Cobrascarf Red Fabric was £39.95 now £19.95

Cobrascarf Red Fabric

Jazzponcho Navy Fabric was £65.95 now £49.95

Jazzponcho Navy Fabric

Elonyscarf Burgundy – Snake Fabric was £39.95 now £19.95

Elonyscarf Burgundy - Snake Fabric

Victoria Poncho Black Polyester £69.95

Victoria Poncho Black Polyester

Rihannascarf Green Fabric was £39.95 now £19.95

Rihannascarf Green Fabric

Take a look at the rest of our scarves and ponchos.

Team Moda x

Spotted in Moda: November Edition

Welcome to the monthly edition of Spotted in Moda, where we dive into the archives for stunning style and beautiful features from our partners, friends and VIPs!

A pair of beautiful brown boots are the perfect alternative to black

@aglassofice looks gorgeous in our Nyah croc boots, styled with a cream outfit and a fabulous hat – letting the shoe make its full impact. She completes the look with our beautiful brown snakeskin Lexibag and a cosy oversized scarf.

@beatriz84 looks effortlessly chic in Nyah our stunning brown boots, styled with classic blue jeans, a plain top and a smart check blazer. The sunglasses and cute little bag complete this outfit – simple but effective.

Faux fur is an AW essential, perfect for keeping cosy

@lois_la_mode looks super cosy in our Chikkara white leather boots, complete with a faux fur tongue and lining – styled with an all-white outfit for a glamorous look. We love the long knitted dress, perfect for the colder seasons.

@belleandbunty are turning heads in our gorgeous Irania suede boots – we love the jumper dresses and chic sunglasses, a stunning combination. The ultimate autumnal colours. They both complete the look with a shoulder bag.

Black boots are the perfect base to any outfit, they are so versatile

@marciagabrieluk looks beautiful in all black, her outfit is perfectly tied together with an on-trend wide belt and a fedora hat. Our Lizerti knee high leather boots and the shoulder bag finish off this polished look.

@nuriatravels looks gorgeous in our Allisa patent leather boots, beautifully paired with a floral long-sleeved skater dress and a black chain shoulder bag. We love the pretty pastel houses in the background.

Add a pop of pink to an all black outfit to create a new look

@sarahrroberts looks seriously stunning in her on-trend shacket and leather trousers, complete with our gorgeous biker boots Britta and pink Emrellahat – we love this look, which she finishes off with sunglasses and a black bag. These boots are an essential, dress them up or down.

@lovestyle40 adds a pop of colour to a black outfit with a pretty pink coat, paired with Bilanno our gorgeous biker boots – we love the delicate detail on these chunky boots which look stunning with leather trousers. The patterned scarf finishes this cosy look.

For a chance to be featured in our monthly round up, don’t forget to tag @modainpelle and #mymodashoes!

Team Moda x

Rainbow Leopard Print

Have you seen our stunning rainbow leopard print collection? Perfect for upgrading any outfit. We have a gorgeous selection of pieces for you to choose from – wear with an all-black outfit to let them make their full impact. This gorgeous range is the ultimate way to inject some colour into your AW wardrobe.

Alejandra Rainbow Leopard Calf Hair £119.95

Alejandra Rainbow Leopard Calf Hair Trainer

Kirawallet Rainbow Leopard Calf Hair £19.95

Kirawallet Rainbow Leopard Calf Hair Wallet

Ilari Rainbow Leopard Calf Hair £129.95

Ilari Rainbow Leopard Calf Hair Heels

Marinabag Rainbow Leopard Leopard Pony £89.95

Marinabag Rainbow Leopard Leopard Pony Bag

Brynna Rainbow Leopard Leopard Pony £109.95

Brynna Rainbow Leopard Leopard Pony Trainer

Chrelliclutch Rainbow Leopard Leopard Pony £59.95

Chrelliclutch Rainbow Leopard Leopard Pony Clutch

Take a look at what’s new in.

Team Moda x

Introducing Orenda our Sustainable Range

What is sustainable footwear?

Sustainable footwear focuses on using recycled materials like rubber and plastic, and renewable materials like cork and cotton, as some of the main components. Other materials used might require less treatment and interference, for example, chrome-free leather – when the tanning process excludes harsh chemicals, also looking at the process of sourcing the materials and the location of factories to reduce environmental impact.

Why choose sustainable footwear?

By choosing sustainable footwear, you are supporting and encouraging the use of recycled and renewable materials. You’re reducing your carbon footprint as less damage is caused to the environment when making these shoes. Sustainable footwear brands think carefully about their sourcing partners to ensure they share the same ethos and have fair policies. There is much more to sustainable shoes than simply the materials used.

The challenges of sustainable footwear

The challenges of sustainable footwear can include using materials that are sturdy and resistant for long term wear, our shoes get scuffed and scraped, so it’s about manufacturers finding the balance between sustainable and practical. Cost is also an issue, as the nature of fast fashion means that brands can produce shoes quickly and cheaply – competition is high. It’s also vital for companies to be transparent about the materials they use, where they source them from, and where they make the shoes as being dishonest can cause negative press.

The difference between standard and sustainable footwear

Standard footwear 

  • Harder to recycle and often ends up in landfill
  • Fast fashion
  • Can be cheaper
  • Chemicals used to treat materials

Sustainable footwear

  • Easier to recycle
  • More classic styles
  • Can be more expensive
  • Uses factories that give back to their communities
  • Materials mainly used that don’t require harsh chemicals

Introducing our sustainable footwear

At Moda, we understand that sustainability is more important than ever – we are more aware of the impact we are causing and the damage to the environment. In recognition of this, we have been working on something super exciting that we can finally share with you. And in true Moda style, we’ve not compromised on fashion or comfort – sustainable never looked so good.

Introducing, Orenda the trainer brand which allows you to fulfil your duty to nature through sustainable fashion. Orenda delivers cool and contemporary footwear, celebrating our history and protecting our future. Positive, ecological balance is at the core of our product development.

We work with select European suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and collaborate in the sourcing of sustainable materials to protect our natural resources. Our design focus is contemporary; clean minimalism through to more complex, thoughtful elements. We aim to be current, cool and trend-driven whilst being environmentally friendly.

We’ve selected four stunning styles from the range


Get to know our gorgeous Bury, beige leather trainer better. This stand out style supports how stylish sustainable trainers can look. We love the 100% natural rubber chunky outsole which is so on-trend this season. The insole board combines synthetic materials and, the laces are organic cotton. Complete with the Moda leather upper, lining and padded sock that we know you love. The snakeskin panel adds a trendy flash of print whilst the padded neoprene back counter is super soft on your ankle for ultimate comfort – you will be wearing these trainers all season long.

Take a look at the rest of the Orenda range.

Team Moda x

Stunning Slippers

Stay cute and cosy this AW in a pair of our stunning slippers – whether you’re looking for yourself or to treat someone special. Our two gorgeous styles come in a range of colours – with an option to suit everyone. Made with beautiful sheepskin to ensure they feel as good as they look. Perfect to pair with loungewear or pyjamas for ultimate comfort.

Softie Slippers

Softie Cream Sheepskin £49.95

Softie Cream Sheepskin Slippers

Softie Nude Sheepskin £49.95

Softie Nude Sheepskin Slippers

Softie Leopard Sheepskin £49.95

Softie Leopard Sheepskin Slippers

Cosie Slippers

Cosie White-Metallic Sheepskin £59.95

Cosie White-Metallic Sheepskin Slippers

Cosie Tan Sheepskin £59.95

Cosie Tan Sheepskin Slippers

Cosie Light Grey Sheepskin £59.95

Cosie Light Grey Sheepskin Slippers

Team Moda x

Tan Leather Boots

Add a new look to your AW wardrobe with a pair of our stunning tan leather boots – a perfect alternative to black for when you want to add some neutral colour to your outfits, dress them up or down. We have a stunning selection available, from cleated soles, feature zips to faux fur trims, your sure to find a pair to suit your style.

Ashleigh Tan Leather £99.95

Ashleigh Tan Leather Boots

Brodie Tan Leather £129.95

Brodie Tan Leather Boots

Annika Tan Leather £109.95

Annika Tan Leather Boots

Carlota Tan Leather £129.95

Carlota Tan Leather Boots

Ameelia Tan Leather £119.95

Ameelia Tan Leather Boots

Beretia Tan Leather £109.95

Beretia Tan Leather Boots

Woline Tan Leather £99.95

Woline Tan Leather Boots

Luxury Tan Leather was £89.95 now £59.95

Luxury Tan Leather Boots

Key Tan Leather £89.95

Key Tan Leather Boots

Weera Tan Leather £179.95

Weera Tan Leather Boots

Take a look at the rest of our stunning boots.

Team Moda x