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Hannah Brady


What Colour Shoes Should You Wear With Your Suit

Choosing the right footwear to match your suit can be a daunting task, with so many colours, shades and designs it’s hard to know what to pair with what. Buy the wrong pair, and you risk ruining your whole ensemble, it doesn’t matter how on point your suit is, if you’ve got the wrong shoes, your tailoring is wasted.  

Following this guide can put you in the right direction to creating a polished and sophisticated look. Here at Moda Man, we can help you figure out which colour combinations clash and which ones match. It’s not just the colour you need to worry about, choosing the right style of shoe is pivotal to a sleek look.

The best suit and shoe combinations

Wearing: Moda men’s barsby navy leather boots.

There was once a time when it was much easier to choose your suit shoe, a quick browse around in the ‘formal’ section and you were good to go. Now, styling is a lot more relaxed, and there are fewer rules when it comes to dressing for occasions. In this modern era, we’ve even seen casual trainers and rugged boots paired with smart suits. Providing you do it right, this alternative styling can give your smart ensemble some personality and edge.

The smart classics, such as oxfords or monk shoes,  deserve a place in every man’s wardrobe. Their elegant and versatile nature means they can be worn to work or a wedding (or even both!).

Which colour shoes can I wear with which colour suits? 

  • Black Suit – Black shoes.
  • Navy Suit –  Black, brown or burgundy shoes.
  • Charcoal Grey Suit – Black or burgundy shoes.
  • Light Grey Suit – Brown, black or burgundy.
  • Cream/Beige Suit – Light brown shoes.

What colour shoes should you wear with a navy suit

The beauty of a navy suit is; it always works, it’s effortlessly cool and sophisticated, and it can be worn to a multitude of occasions. Whether you’re wanting to look sleek in the office, impress in a pressurised job interview or turn heads at a wedding. Pairing your navy suit with a crisp white shirt, pocket square and some polished leather shoes can smarten the ensemble, while a quirky fun printed shirt and brogues can be worked for less formal events. 

When it comes to colour pairings, brown shoes should be your go-to, but when it comes to design, it’s all about what works for you. We’re talking rich hues of caramel, penny and coffee that balance out the cool navy; we love soft tan shoes and lavish chocolate shades. If you’re not a fan of the brown shoe, experiment with burgundy or grey, rich burgundy shoes add a touch of sophistication –  sharp oxfords, brogues, or monk-straps are the best choice here. 

If you’re feeling daring, white trainers provide a casual street style that adds a pop of personality. When choosing your trainers, look for a high-quality timeless design that can cross over into smart wear.  When pairing trainers with your navy suit, choose a slim silhouette suit, trainers work best with a length that rests just above the ankle.

What colour shoes should you wear with a grey suit

A grey suit is another all-rounder, it can be styled all year round and makes a great alternative to classic black, a grey suit can be easily paired with an array of coloured shirts and ties.  The tricky part – so many shades! Being a cool colour, just like navy, warm honey hues work well with both light and dark shades of grey. The beauty of a grey suit is you can mix it up in summer and experiment with light pastel coloured shoes and paisley patterned shirts and ties.

Grey suit with brown shoes

Pairing a grey suit with brown shoes is a classic statement that works for various shades of grey; pick out the hues of your shoes to match your tie, we love tawny shades that balance your look. For a smooth smart look, pair your suit with brighton tan leather shoes; their high shine copper colour complements the grey and creates a versatile and modern statement perfect for every formal occasion. 

Grey suit with black shoes

When it comes to styling a light grey suit, the tones are better suited to classic black shoes.  For a traditional look, go for a formal, oxford or monk shoe;  their high-quality designs will elevate your outfit and keep you looking sharp. Just because you’re opting for a black shoe, there is still space for experimentation; try a smart casual brogue or chelsea boot. These work well paired with your work suit, providing ultimate comfort for the whole day, while their versatile designs mean they can be paired with a pair of jeans or chinos on a weekend – a perfect addition to the on and off duty wardrobe.      

What colour shoes should you wear with a black suit

A black suit is a staple in every man’s wardrobe, so it is more consequential to know what  shoes to pair with it. When it comes to a black suit the best shoe choice is a classic black to match – we know this might seem a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people get this so wrong! Light shoes totally off balance the outfit. Although we love to encourage experimentation here at Moda Man, when it comes to shoe colour,  stick with the classic black. If you want to mix it up,  experiment with eccentric shirts and ties, there are unlimited options here. A black shoe doesn’t have to be boring either, there are many designs with intricate detailing that do enough talking on their own, we love the buckle design on barkby black leather shoes and the premium stitching on barrow black leather shoes.    

What colour shoes should you wear with a blue suit

A blue suit puts a bold contemporary twist on traditional navy. Full of character and personality, tailoring in these bold shades requires a little more forward planning.  As with navy, brown shoes are the go-to when it comes to lighter shades of blue, the difference is, while dark browns suit navy’s depth, lighter brown hues, such as tan shoes,  complement much better when pairing with a  blue suit. 

What colour shoes should you wear with a beige/cream suit 

Light brown or tan shoes make a fabulous footwear choice when it comes to cream and beige suits. Cream and beige suits were once only seen in summer; now with stone and tweed extending the look into spring and fall,  the light shades create a classic look to be worn to a range of functions. Popular at vintage themed weddings; tweed, houndstooth and plaid have created textured country styling. Rustic textiles and aristocracy fabrics add an edge of luxury and elegance, from rustic tweed blazers to sleek waistcoats layered under jackets. Nothing finishes off this old world style quite like a pair of traditional tan brogues.

Whether you’re worrying what to wear to a job interview, not sure what to pair with your new blue suit or you’ve got a wedding on the horizon. We hope we’ve helped you make some trusty decisions on what works and what does not. Remember, sometimes breaking the rules is fun, as long as you’re aware of how to carry your rebellious look off.  For some more inspiration, browse our full range of Men’s shoes at Moda Man, providing fashionable footwear to the modern man- from updated classics to off duty weekend style.

How to wear ankle boots

The time has come to stow away your summer sandals and peep-toe shoes. Ankle boots are the essential autumn staple and are a chic addition to any wardrobe. These versatile booties are so on trend this changing season and can be styled with almost any outfit, you just need the know-how. Whether it’s leather or suede, buckled or printed, heels or flats there’s a style to suit every foot. This post will explore how to choose the best leg wear that compliments the ankle boot, assist in choosing the right ankle boots for the right occasion and celebrate our new autumn trends. Scroll for inspiration, along with our shoppable hot picks. 

Styling ankle boots with skinny jeans 

boots with ankle

The universally loved skinny jean has a place in every wardrobe and can be worked with an array of different styled boots. If you prefer a boot with a taller shaft like our Bettiah range, these look best tucked in – this elevates the boot and makes the leg look ultra slim. A boot with a  lower shaft, however, works untucked or cuffed. The trick with a lower shaft boot, like our Ableist range, is to keep your ankle shown – showing a little skin can remove any fear of your legs looking stumpy. Try rolling or double cuffing your jeans for a cute and casual daytime look. We want to avoid baggage at the bottom, so if your skinny won’t tuck, don’t force it. 

High heel block boots work with anything, our staple favourites are Lotus black leather.  Introducing a smart blazer for a formal look that works well at the office, while a leather or casual jacket complements a more relaxed style. 

Styling ankle boots with the straight Leg 

Cool yet casual, the straight leg jean is the ultimate leg elongator and works well extended over the boot. This look is made for exploring the city streets, whether you’re shopping until you drop or partying the night away. The straight leg works with an array of styles; the perfect excuse to get experimenting in a full length mirror. 

Go wild 

Snake things up this autumn – we’re absolutely loving snakeskin and alternative patterns for a step away from our same old black boots. Not only do they make a statement but they make choosing an outfit super easy; you can just let the boots do the talking. Dare to be wild with the Loona Monochrome boots, they come in an array of different prints such as zebra and tiger. If you’re not feeling ready to make a bold statement, Loona black mini leopard suede boots are a perfect way to introduce a pop of personality.  

snake boot
animal boot

Styling ankle boots with the bootcut 

The bootcut has been styled for decades, it is all about the length. We love a long bootcut paired with heeled pointed boots, a dressy stiletto heel adds a touch of class, while a boot with a thicker heel can be worn all day and night, Kelli Black Leather ankle boots provide style and comfort. Zazie Red-Leopard calf hair ankle boots have a stunning close fitting and are a lot more versatile than you may think – they are at the top of our autumn wish list!  

red animal boot
black boot

Styling ankle boots with leggings

Leggings are not only the comfiest of clothing, but are perfect tucked into your favourite boots. They create a seamless elongated leg line, which sometimes can’t be achieved with even the skinniest of jeans. Want to take this look from day to night? Faux leather leggings are a sophisticated alternative that can transform your outfit in a matter of minutes. 

Styling ankle boots with dresses & Skirts 

boots with skirt

Just because the cooler weather is on the horizon, you don’t need to ditch your skirts and dresses! Update your wardrobe and take your sassy summer slip skirt to fall by pairing it with a sleek pair of pointed boots; minimal effort, elegant standards. Ankle boots styled with a swing dress or skirt give girls a casual boho vibe that is fun for festivals and concerts, our favourites are Adali Khaki Porvair and Nurela Black Leather. Be bold; you can totally wear cool leather boots with a delicate floral dress; these add a little edge to even the most feminine looks. 

Work styling 

Western heels and Chelsea boots such as Colina Black Leather, smarten an outfit and are perfect for work; introduce layers such as jackets, knitwear and tights when the leaves start to fall, this will take your outfit to another level of style. Ankle boots and midi-length hemlines are the perfect combination of elegant and chic. When the weather starts to take a turn, finish your look off with a trench and tousled up-do. 

Ultimately, ankle boots are your best friend. Through high pressured office meetings, relaxed casual lunches or cocktails with the girls; the trick is finding the right friend for you. 

Shop the ankle boot trend 

For on-trend pieces, browse our autumn arrivals. These ankle boots are easy to wear, contour your feet perfectly and are sure to make heads turn. Which one will you be adding to your wardrobe this season? 

animal boot
animal boot


A Guide to Court Shoes

With Summer coming to an end, Autumn and Winter styles will be hitting shelves all around the UK. From practical ankle boots to stunning stilettos, there are so many styles to choose from, so you’re sure to be spoilt for choice. If you’re looking for a versatile shoe that is also a great all-rounder, court shoes might just be the perfect choice for you. Comfortable, timeless and beautifully stylish, court shoes are perhaps one of the most enduring styles in the modern world and it’s easy to see why.

Here at Moda In Pelle, we have all the information you need on these wonderful shoes and how to wear them. Once you know a little bit more about them, we can guarantee you’ll want a pair!

What are court shoes?

Calaria Rose Gold Porvair (left) & Dolar Black Leopard Print (right)

Court shoes date back as far as the Regency period, though they were commonly worn by men and only became known as as a woman’s shoe at a later date. Court shoes are usually defined as a type of heeled shoe that has no fastening. They tend to be largely plain, with a medium height heel, though as fashion and styles have adapted, court shoes have moved away from their original, traditional look to become a more varied type of footwear.

Court shoes are generally assembled with a low-cut upper and traditionally have a pointed toe, though rounded and peep-toe variants are also pretty common and can look equally as chic. Some court shoes will have a buckle or other embellishments on the front and are available in a range of colours and patterns, making them a great footwear style for every seasonal wardrobe. Court shoe boots are another variant; a fantastic addition to Autumn wardrobes, they are the perfect combination of an elegant shoe and a luxurious boot.

How should court shoes be worn?

Dolar Black Zebra Patent PU

Court shoes are available with a variety of heel types and heights, from a stiletto style heel to a chunky block heel. Both heel types can look phenomenal but if you struggle to walk in higher heels or heels with a narrow width, then a block heel might be the best choice, as they allow for more even weight distribution and stability.

The heel section of a court shoe should fit flush to your foot and ankle but should be neither too tight or too loose. If the shoe is too tight it can cause blisters and other uncomfortable ailments and strangled feet definitely isn’t a good look! If the shoe is too loose it’s more likely to slip constantly when you walk, which can be equally as uncomfortable. If your shoe fits properly but you still feel discomfort, there are a number of things you can do to make your shoes feel more comfortable.

To ensure you get the best fit and make the most out of your court shoes, why not read our blog post on making high heels more comfortable? We have plenty of tips for loosening up new shoes and what you can use to increase your enjoyment when wearing them.

Choosing the right court shoes to match your outfit

Dolar Burgundy Multi Snake Patent Leather

The style and colour of the shoes that you choose to wear can vary greatly depending on the outfit that you’re pairing them with. The beauty of court shoes is their variety; they can be worn to complement both formal and smart casual outfits and look particularly stunning when worn with formal dresses and pencil skirts.

If you’re looking to achieve a traditional look then it’s difficult to go wrong with a pair of classic black court shoes with a pointed toe in a chic suede, patent leather or matte leather. A natural nude or shimmering rose gold are other fantastic choices for both formal and relaxed outfits, as their neutral shades tone in exquisitely with most other colours. Wear with a smart dress for work or with a figure-hugging bodycon dress for a night out.

If you prefer to jazz things up a bit, our Dolar Black and Dolar Burgundy court shoes are a perfect addition to your mid-to-end of year wardrobe. With eye-catching prints such as leopard print, zebra print and snake print, you’re sure to turn heads! Wear with black leggings or trousers and a floaty top to create a sophisticated, modern look.

Shades such as white, grey, black, nude and brown are easy to pair with most outfits, as their soft colouring helps to bring any ensemble together. Contrastingly, brighter coloured and patterned shoes are best when combined with a more neutral outfit, such as a black dress, and are great at bringing a sense individuality to your wardrobe.

Traditional court shoes look wonderful with pencil dresses and skirts or smart slim-fit trousers and jeans. A classic, comfortable choice for a night out or brunch with friends, it’s hard to find an outfit they won’t compliment. Combine with a matching handbag to truly bring your outfit together.

Alternatively, a block heel can look gorgeous with well-fitting jeans or a flowing skirt. Wonderful for everyday wear due to their comfortable design, block-heeled court shoes are a winner. No matter whether you’re having a relaxing afternoon out shopping or directing an important meeting at work, you’re sure to look and feel elegant.


Now that you know everything there is to know about court shoes, we’re pretty sure you’ll be thinking about investing in your own pair. Why not take a look at our full collection of fabulous court shoes, here at Moda In Pelle? For even more stunning shoes, browse our latest styles and treat yourself to the latest wardrobe essential.

Can High Heels be Comfortable?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned wearer of high heels, you’ll be familiar with their reputation for causing pain. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’re bound to know at least one woman who has worn a pair of sky-high heels and struggled to walk the next day – the things we do for fashion. 

Heels can make a wonderful addition to your outfit, particularly for special events and on a night out. They’re classy, sassy and fashionable, providing a welcome boost to those looking to gain a little extra height. Most of you will be wondering how to wear high heels without killing your feet and, here at Moda-In-Pelle, we have all the high heel hacks you need to keep your feet feeling comfortable and pain-free

What Shoes To Wear With Each Skirt Type

Hands up who’s loving summer?

After months of waiting and fantasising, summer is finally upon us. From trips to the beach with friends to summer events, there’s just so much to look forward to – and so much warm-weather outfit planning to be done!

Skirts are a firm staple throughout the summer months. Classic, comfortable, cool and stylish, every woman needs a decent selection of skirts in her collection. But, what footwear goes best with each type of skirt? Whether you’re struggling to put together a killer look or you’re simply after some summer footwear inspo, join us here at Moda as we talk through all the shoes to wear with your favourite skirts. 

How To Clean Suede Shoes And Boots

Suede shoes or boots are an absolute staple for the fashion-forward lady. Classic, versatile and ever-stylish, a pair of suede boots or shoes will instantly take any look to the next level.

However, suede can be notoriously tricky to clean; if done incorrectly, you could even end up damaging your beloved shoes. So, what to do if you find yourself with marks or dirt on your favourite suede beauties?

From how to clean your suede shoes to how to remove those pesky stubborn stains, here at Moda we’ve got you covered. Follow the simple steps below to keep your suede shoes and boots looking their absolute best for years to come.

How To Tell If Your Shoes Fit

Badly fitting shoes don’t only feel awful to wear, but can actually lead to a host of foot problems. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you are wearing footwear that fits comfortably.

If you’re looking for help and advice, here at Moda in Pelle we’ve put together a handy shoe fitting guide, so you can make sure your stunning new shoes feel as fantastic to wear as they look.

How To Repair Scuffed Leather Shoes and Boots

A pair of really great leather shoes truly are an investment piece. They look stunning and, with the right care, will absolutely stand the test of time in terms of both quality and style. However, even with all precautions taken, accidents do happen, and sometimes your precious leather shoes or boots can be left with unsightly scruffs or scratches on the surface.

If this has happened to you – do not fear! There are actually a whole range of methods you can try yourself at home to help clean and repair marks from your leather shoes.

The Best Summer Sandals 2019: 4 Must-Have Styles

While February may seem pretty early in the year, here at Moda we’ve caught the first glimpses of sun. That means we’re already daydreaming of summer picnics, fun packed trips to the beach, floaty dresses and, of course, our favourite summer footwear – sandals.

Sandals are an absolute must throughout summer, ideal for keeping you both comfortable and fashionable during the hotter months. Plus, there really is a style for every occasion! Jetting off on a summer holiday? Opt for a pair of functional sliders. Heading out for drinks with the girls? A pair of heeled sandals are a must!

So, if fashionable sandals are what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Here at Moda in Pelle, we’re running through the top trends of the season, bringing you all the best summer sandals for 2019.

Moda at the National Television Awards 2019

Awards season is well and truly here, and we’ve already spotted two celebrities rocking a pair of Moda in Pelle heels as they walk the red carpet. In traditional English fashion, that carpet was dusted with snow and a freezing cold January night probably isn’t quite the same vibe as a balmy evening at Cannes, but television’s brightest stars still shone bright (and probably shivered) at the National Television Awards 2019. Our faves like Holly Willougby, Caroline Flack and Rochelle Humes put their best foot forward in stunning gowns, but for us the best-dressed of the night were the girls in Moda in Pelle heels!