Show your shoes some love with our shoe care products. There’s nothing better than a new pair, but we all know that new feeling doesn’t last. Help your shoes keep their shine with some of our wonderful protectors, or if you’ve forgotten how a pair of heels feel – ease yourself back in with some gel cushions which will make your feet feel gorgeous. Our favourite item is the satin spray which makes your feet feel silky soft, perfect for pretty pairs which you don’t wear socks with.

Combicleaner Clear £4.95

Combicleaner Clear

Conditioner Neutral £4.95

Conditioner Neutral

Full Insole Natural Leather £4.95

Full Insole Natural Leather

Heel-Liner Natural £4.95

Heel-Liner Natural

Nano Protector Neutral None £9.95

Nano Protector Neutral None

Satin Footspray Neutral None £4.95

Satin Footspray Neutral None

Sde Revive Neutral None £4.95

Sde Revive Neutral None

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