Whilst we continue to donate to the incredible Leeds Hospitals Charity – who support the amazing NHS staff, patients, and their families. We also want to be here for you, our wonderful customers, old and new who make up the Moda family. We have pulled together six self-care ideas and ways to help you work through this lockdown.

Embrace your Inner Child

As we grow up, we often stop what we once loved and spent hours doing – drawing, colouring and painting. Why not spend some time getting creative, whether its crafts, board games or even movie marathons. We tend to forget what we once enjoyed so much. No matter if you have children or not – embrace your inner child! You never know, you might bring an old hobby back to life, and fall in love with it even more.

Stay Connected

Remember to stay in touch with your loved ones, through FaceTime or a phone call – if you fancy going old school, why not write a letter or send a postcard. We get that conversation can become repetitive now our lives have slowed down, but why not reminisce, or discuss plans and ideas for the future. We are social creatures who thrive on interaction. Set yourself a goal of reaching out to one person every day, even if it’s a simple text – your future self will thank you.

Support Local

We are all aware of how local businesses have been affected, and now more than ever, they need our support. If you feel comfortable, why not get a takeout coffee from a local café on your daily walk, or buy a voucher from your beauticians. Helping others helps us feel good, and giving back to our community is more important than ever.

Get Outside

Nature is right on our doorstep, and for so long so many of us have gone about our busy lives with little time to spare, looking straight past our beautiful surroundings, to the next task on our to-do list. Why not spend some time exploring your local area, you are bound to discover some beauty a lot closer to home than you would have believed. Cabin fever is so common at the moment, and fresh air is the ultimate way to clear your mind, whilst also releasing endorphins! Set yourself a steps challenge and see what wildlife you spot on the way.

Keep Learning

Gone are the days when learning was just for in the classroom, now more than ever we have so much information at our fingertips – we can learn at our own pace and about whatever we choose! Why not discover more about that island you’ve always wanted to visit, download a podcast on how to feel more positive, or read a crime thriller and dive into a gripping story. Books and audiobooks are a great way to learn something new, or you can lose yourself in the magic of a fairy-tale. Perfect for if you want to escape reality for a bit!

Cleanse Your Space

A clean and tidy area can do wonders for your motivation and state of mind. Whether your desk has become a bit cluttered, or your wardrobe is bursting at the seams, why not take some time to assess what you need, and reap the benefits of an uncluttered space. Find it hard to throw away? Move things into an attic or storage space and see if you miss them! Plus you might find that gorgeous dress you forgot you had, or that brand new notebook which is perfect for all of your ideas.

Team Moda x

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