What is sustainable footwear?

Sustainable footwear focuses on using recycled materials like rubber and plastic, and renewable materials like cork and cotton, as some of the main components. Other materials used might require less treatment and interference, for example, chrome-free leather – when the tanning process excludes harsh chemicals, also looking at the process of sourcing the materials and the location of factories to reduce environmental impact.

Why choose sustainable footwear?

By choosing sustainable footwear, you are supporting and encouraging the use of recycled and renewable materials. You’re reducing your carbon footprint as less damage is caused to the environment when making these shoes. Sustainable footwear brands think carefully about their sourcing partners to ensure they share the same ethos and have fair policies. There is much more to sustainable shoes than simply the materials used.

The challenges of sustainable footwear

The challenges of sustainable footwear can include using materials that are sturdy and resistant for long term wear, our shoes get scuffed and scraped, so it’s about manufacturers finding the balance between sustainable and practical. Cost is also an issue, as the nature of fast fashion means that brands can produce shoes quickly and cheaply – competition is high. It’s also vital for companies to be transparent about the materials they use, where they source them from, and where they make the shoes as being dishonest can cause negative press.

The difference between standard and sustainable footwear

Standard footwear 

  • Harder to recycle and often ends up in landfill
  • Fast fashion
  • Can be cheaper
  • Chemicals used to treat materials

Sustainable footwear

  • Easier to recycle
  • More classic styles
  • Can be more expensive
  • Uses factories that give back to their communities
  • Materials mainly used that don’t require harsh chemicals

Introducing our sustainable footwear

At Moda, we understand that sustainability is more important than ever – we are more aware of the impact we are causing and the damage to the environment. In recognition of this, we have been working on something super exciting that we can finally share with you. And in true Moda style, we’ve not compromised on fashion or comfort – sustainable never looked so good.

Introducing, Orenda the trainer brand which allows you to fulfil your duty to nature through sustainable fashion. Orenda delivers cool and contemporary footwear, celebrating our history and protecting our future. Positive, ecological balance is at the core of our product development.

We work with select European suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint and collaborate in the sourcing of sustainable materials to protect our natural resources. Our design focus is contemporary; clean minimalism through to more complex, thoughtful elements. We aim to be current, cool and trend-driven whilst being environmentally friendly.

We’ve selected four stunning styles from the range


Get to know our gorgeous Bury, beige leather trainer better. This stand out style supports how stylish sustainable trainers can look. We love the 100% natural rubber chunky outsole which is so on-trend this season. The insole board combines synthetic materials and, the laces are organic cotton. Complete with the Moda leather upper, lining and padded sock that we know you love. The snakeskin panel adds a trendy flash of print whilst the padded neoprene back counter is super soft on your ankle for ultimate comfort – you will be wearing these trainers all season long.

Take a look at the rest of the Orenda range.

Team Moda x

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