Boot season is here, and the two quality materials that always feature are suede and leather. It can be hard to know which to go for, and you might find yourself wondering about the durability, quality and how to style them. We have pulled together some key questions to help you decide which type to purchase – and we’ve thrown in some of our favourite Moda suede and leather boots to give you some inspiration.

What is leather?

Leather is the outside of the hide – it’s smoother rather than softer like suede. At Moda, we pride ourselves on quality, and our premium soft buttery leather is no exception. Leather boots are less high maintenance than suede boots, and whilst we aren’t suggesting you go jumping in puddles, you would be able to get away with leather boots in less favourable weather.

How would I style leather boots?

Leather boots are great for day to day wear and are easy to dress up or down, perfect to pair with chunky knits or a dress and tights. Our AW20 model looks stunning in Kellisha our beautiful black knee-high boots and Lexibag. These boots are essential for those colder months – the faux fur lining will keep you super snug.

What is suede?

Suede is still leather, but whereas classic leather is the outside of the hide, suede is the inside of the hide – it’s a softer, more flexible alternative, perfect for adding texture to any outfit. Wearing a darker suede boot will also help show up marks less.

How would I style suede boots?

Suede boots look gorgeous with skinny jeans, they can be a little more casual than leather, but this all depends on the detail, at Moda some of our stunning suede boots are super dressy!

Which material is more durable?

Leather is more durable, whereas suede is softer and more susceptible to damage, therefore if you do decide to go for suede be prepared to give your loots a little more TLC compared to leather. Weather is also something you need to consider, whilst we would all rather stay indoors when it’s raining – your suede boots are definitely one to leave at home.

How do I care for my boots?

Both leather and suede boots will need to be looked after if you’re looking for them to last, you can care for your boots using the correct protectant spray and make sure to store them well when you’re not wearing them. 

If you do get a scuff on your leather boots, check out our guide to get them looking brand new again. Or if you’re looking for more information on how to clean suede boots before deciding whether to make a purchase, click here.

Benefits of leather boots

  • less high maintenance
  • more durable
  • very comfortable
  • adjusts to shape of the foot
  • different finishes – smooth, nubuck or patent
  • good for day to day wear

Benefits of suede boots

  • more flexible
  • very stylish
  • easily adapts to the foot shape
  • very soft
  • lightweight
  • breathable

Luscious Leather

Sumptuous Suede

Linirre Grey Suede

Linirre Grey Suede was £119.95 now £83.95

Lorile Green Suede

Lorile Green Suede was £119.95 now £59.95

Take a look at the rest of our leather boots or suede boots for more inspiration.

Team Moda x

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