Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned wearer of high heels, you’ll be familiar with their reputation for causing pain. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, you’re bound to know at least one woman who has worn a pair of sky-high heels and struggled to walk the next day – the things we do for fashion. 

Heels can make a wonderful addition to your outfit, particularly for special events and on a night out. They’re classy, sassy and fashionable, providing a welcome boost to those looking to gain a little extra height. Most of you will be wondering how to wear high heels without killing your feet and, here at Moda-In-Pelle, we have all the high heel hacks you need to keep your feet feeling comfortable and pain-free

Which high heels are the most comfortable?

The general rule of thumb is that shoes with a wider heel area tend to be more comfortable. While stilettos are very stylish, they’re not exactly the most practical shoe and can often cause a lot of aches and cramps. There’s no reason to despair, however, as there are plenty of other alternatives.


Pralo White Leather Wedge Heel Sandal

Wedges are perhaps one of the most comfortable options when it comes to high heels. Their full sole means that weight is distributed evenly across the foot, as opposed to the bulk of the pressure being on the arch. Wedges also provide greater stability as the sole is almost always flush with the ground. Wedges look best when worn with a flowing maxi dress or long skirt, although certain styles can also look beautiful when worn with a chic bodycon or cocktail dress.

Block heels

Lozetti Taupe Metallic Leather Block Heel Sandal

Block heels are generally a lot more comfortable than most, due to their chunky heel. Weight is distributed more evenly which means that there’s far less strain on your arches and the balls of your feet. Whether you’re having a quiet brunch with the girls or looking to dance the night away, block heels have you covered. Fortunately, they also come in a huge variety of styles; from a square heel and flat front to a more rounded heel and slight platform, there’s so much choice. Block heels truly are a fashion hero.

What can I use to make my heels more comfortable?


A good way to make any heels comfortable is with the use of cushioning. Gel cushions are a great investment and won’t break your bank account. Made from a special type of rubber, gel cushions are small and discreet, simply sticking to the insoles of your shoes to provide extra padding. Gel cushions come in a variety of shapes to suit different sections of a shoe; from cushioning for your arches to protecting in between your toes from uncomfortable toe-posts. Full gel insoles are also available but are less discreet than their smaller, area-targeting cousins.


Seems pretty obvious but sometimes it’s all about training your feet to adapt to heels. An easy way to adjust to heels is to wear them around the house for a few hours, that way if they start to feel uncomfortable it’s easy to take them off and slip into your comfy slippers. We recommend you always start with a small heel and work your way up gradually to higher heels, primarily to avoid causing any permanent damage to your feet.  It’s also a good idea to carry a pair of flats in your bag if you plan to wear your heels out and about straight away. You definitely don’t want to be walking down the street barefoot or having to stop off to buy a pair of dolly shoes!

Are there similar alternatives to heels?

Yes! If you’re a fan of the extra height that heels provide but find even the smallest kitten heel uncomfortable, do not despair, there is another option!

 Pinchello Rose Gold Porvair Flatform Sandals

Introducing the flatform! Not quite a heel but not quite a flat either, you can probably tell from their name that flatforms are a combination of a platform and a flat sole. Flatforms are great when paired with a relaxed outfit; wear with a chic top and well-fitting jeans for a great combo. Flatform shoes come in a variety of styles, from trainers to sandals and boots so it’s easy to find the perfect pair, no matter the season or the outfit you’ve chosen. 


Heels are perhaps one of the most varied shoes available on the market today; there are so many types, colours and styles to choose from and they can be incorporated into virtually any outfit. The most important advice we can give is to always choose heels that fit properly and comfortably and never continue to wear shoes that hurt your feet for extended periods of time.

Why not take a look at our selection of occasion and party shoes to find the perfect pair for your next night out, or take a look at our wider range of high heels to find the finishing touch to your favourite outfit.

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