Badly fitting shoes don’t only feel awful to wear, but can actually lead to a host of foot problems. Therefore, it is vital to ensure you are wearing footwear that fits comfortably.

If you’re looking for help and advice, here at Moda in Pelle we’ve put together a handy shoe fitting guide, so you can make sure your stunning new shoes feel as fantastic to wear as they look.

Measuring your feet

The size of your feet changes as you grow, so be sure to get measured regularly to ensure you are buying the correct size. Perhaps surprisingly, however, your feet can also change size at different points of the day. As your feet can swell throughout the day, always try to measure your feet as late as possible – ideally late afternoon or evening. This will allow for your feet at their biggest and ensure a comfortable fit all day (and night) long.

While professional foot measuring is the best way to get an accurate sizing, it is possible to measure your feet yourself at home. This simply involves drawing around your foot onto a piece of A4 paper, making sure to keep the lines as close to your foot as possible. You can then use a ruler to measure the length of the foot (from the heel to the longest toe) and the width of your foot (at the widest point) to figure out your size.

It is also worth noting that most people have one foot that is bigger than the other – in these instances, you should always size to the bigger foot.

How should shoes fit? What to look for when trying on shoes

When wearing flat, closed-toe shoes, your feet should fit comfortably inside with enough space for you to wriggle your toes. When wearing a flat shoe, there is a simple test you can carry out to check how accurate the fit is. While wearing your new shoes, simply place your finger into the space between your heel and your shoe. If there is room to spare, consider going down half a size; if you find yourself struggling for space, you should go up half a size.

When trying on shoes in person, be sure to walk around the store to get a good feel for how the shoe fits. If ordering online, try the shoes on at home before wearing them out, to ensure they are going to fit comfortably once you get out of the house. A well-fitted shoe will allow your foot to sit comfortably in the shoe – if they pinch or rub, they are too small, and if they slip or ride up and down as you walk, they are too big.

Consider the material of your shoe

While you should never buy shoes that are too small and expect them to stretch to fit your feet, there are certain shoe materials that become more flexible over time and therefore provide a more comfortable fit with prolonged wear.

Leather shoes will gradually stretch over time, adapting to the shape of your foot. So, while you should still be sure to guarantee as accurate a fit as possible, this is something to bear in mind when shopping for new, comfortable shoes.

How to tell if high heels fit

Badly fitting shoes are bad enough – however, as any lady will know, there really is nothing worse than ill-fitting high heels. Poorly fitting heels can lead to a night of pain, wobbling and embarrassment, so make sure yours fit perfectly with these simple steps:

  • Measure your feet, either by visiting a professional or using the DIY method detailed above.
  • Try your heels on. Your feet should fit into the shoe snugly without sliding around.
  • Stand up and walk around. It is no good trying your shoes on sitting down – with heels, you really do need to walk around in them to get a good idea of whether or not they will remain comfortable.

When standing, check that your foot is fully in contact with the whole shoe. Are there any areas where the shoe feels too loose, or isn’t in contact with your foot? Are your toes or any part of the foot hanging over the edge of the shoe? These are all instant signs that your heels do not fit correctly.

When walking in your heels, your foot should not slip around inside the shoe – if this is the case, you should size down. If you experience any pinching or rubbing, however, you should size up. Be sure to walk around in your heels for at least ten minutes before wearing them out, in order to feel confident that they fit and will remain comfortable all day or night long.

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