Hands up if getting on top of your fitness has ever been one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

All too often, when it comes to fitness, we find ourselves starting the year with bucket loads of motivation, but inevitably fall out of love with our new routine in just a few weeks.

So, just how do you maintain your fitness motivation all year round? Here at Moda, we’ve put together our top five tips …

Exercise your own way

First things first: find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy! There is no point spending hours slogging away on a treadmill if it ultimately makes you miserable. There are so many different ways to exercise, so try a few different options and find what works best for you. If endless cardio bores you, hit up the weights section or take up a form of martial arts. If you love the outdoors, head out for a run or take a skipping rope out for a spin. Or, if you’re pushed for time, squeeze in a home Youtube pilates session.

Find an activity you enjoy doing, and your motivation will naturally fly through the roof.


Set short and long-term goals

Clear goals that you can work towards, both long and short term, are a must on any fitness journey. A long-term goal is a great way to ensure you don’t lose motivation after the initial month or two of beginning your new routine. Signing up to a running event later on in the year, for example, gives you something to work towards. Similarly, booking a holiday or marking out a special occasion that is coming up may give you that extra push to want to look your best.

Short term goals, too, are a great way to tick lots of ‘quick wins’ off your list. For example, setting a certain amount of days to exercise in the week and sticking to it, or pushing yourself to the next mile on your run. Be proud of these smaller achievements and use them to remind yourself how well you’re doing: this, in itself, will also inspire you to keep pushing further.


Find a workout buddy

Working out with a friend is not only a fantastic way to stick to a workout schedule, but also to have fun while doing so. However, make sure your workout buddy is someone is on the same page as you;a friend who cancels constantly may end up demotivating you!

Joining a regular gym class or running group is a great way to get to know new people and make new fitness friends. Otherwise, online communities are also a good way to find support and speak to like-minded people about your goals and progress.


Make a playlist

Research shows that listening to music when working out can motivate you and increase your endurance. It makes sense – music enhances your mood, making you feel happier and more positive, while the beats help keep you in a steady rhythm. Create a playlist of all your favourite tunes and start listening while you’re getting ready for your workout for a motivational boost.


Be realistic

We all know the regular pattern that occurs every year with fitness and gym memberships. People jump into their new fitness routines in January with full force, don’t see instant results and then give up by February. To combat this, enter your fitness journey with a fully open mind. Be realistic about your routine, your goals, and what you can achieve in a certain amount of time.

If you look at fitness as a lifestyle choice rather than a quick fix, you can work to find something you enjoy, that works for you and, most importantly, that you’ll want to continue with all year round.

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