Ladies, as winter is fast approaching and the imminent bad weather edges its way in, it’s time to step up your game and learn to look after your shoes. And no, that doesn’t mean giving them the occasional once over with a baby wipe. At Moda in Pelle, we believe that even the most luxurious pairs of leather boots and shoes need a little TLC from time to time.

Take a look at our easy to follow guide to get your leather boots back to in tip-top condition in no time.

Protect your shoes against rains and stains

You wouldn’t go on holiday without applying sun cream, and similarly, you shouldn’t step out into the bad weather without protecting your footwear.

Water damage can destroy the subtleness and overall look of your shoes, so investing in a protector spray is essential if you want your footwear to stand the test of time. While a protector spray won’t prevent against scuffing or provide 100% waterproof resistance, it will act as a barrier to prevent any potential white salt marks which can damage the appearance of your shoes.

Make sure you gently wipe away any excess dirt and generously spray the protector all over your shoes (in the same way you’d apply hairspray). This will temporarily darken the appearance of your shoes, especially when used on suede, so it’s a good idea to treat your shoes and leave them to settle overnight. Protector spray also produces a fairly strong scent, similar to smell of pear drops, so it might be an idea to use the spray outside or in an open doorway.

Tip: Apply your protector spray 2-3 times a week during the winter months to ensure your shoes are adequately protected.

Leave your wet stains to dry

While it might be hard to resist, you should try to leave a liquid stain to dry overnight before attempting to clean it. Firstly, pat dry the area with a clean cloth to wipe away any excess residue; performing a wiping motion while the stain is still wet will cause it to smudge and could cause further harm. If possible, immediately apply talcum powder over the damaged area to absorb any moisture.

Should your shoes become stained, it might be an idea to use a combination cleaner to lift out any marks. Rather than spraying the whole shoe, target the specific stain and spray the cleaner directly onto this area. Briefly leave the solution to settle into the shoe for a few moments, then use a dry cloth to smoothly rub the area in a circular motion.

Tip: If your shoes get seriously drenched, leave them to air dry naturally, rather than attack them with your hairdryer. Too much direct heat will dry your shoes too quickly and cause the leather to crack.

Bring your suede back to life

Suede can be a tough one when it comes to the winter as it can easily become worn and tired looking if not looked after correctly. Using a suede brush will help to bring your shoes back to life and restore the material back to its original appearance.

Gently sweep the brush in the same direction across your suede boots. For any stubborn marks, repeat this motion while applying additional pressure; this will remove any dust and dirt trapped within the nap of the suede. It’s also a good idea to apply another coat of protector spray after using a suede brush, as this will help to buff up the fabric and increase the nap of the suede.

When you’re not wearing your suede shoes, we recommend they’re stored in a dry, dark area, as any humidity or unwanted moisture can encourage mould and mildew to form. Similarly, you should keep suede shoes away from direct sunlight (if that day ever arrives) as this can cause suede to fade and lose their colour.

Tip: Make sure you know which side of the brush suits which purpose. The rubber side is used for softer surfaces, such as nubuck, whereas the metal bristle side is more suitable for suede.

Rehydrate your leather

In the same way our skin dries out in cold weather, leather also needs moisturising or it will become dry and begin to crack. Using a waxed leather cream will significantly help to restore the moisture of your leather shoes.

Generously apply the cream, paying particular attention to any existing cracks and crevices, and let your leather shoes absorb as much cream as they will take. Regular use of shoe cream will help to clean and nourish your shoes, helping to keep their appearance soft and supple.

Tip: If using a coloured shoe cream, test the product in an inconspicuous area of the shoe beforehand, such as the tongue, to ensure it is a suitable match.

Why not take a look at the full selection of shoe care products we have available from Moda in Pelle?

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